About Me

Brainstorm, Research, Analyze, Strategize, Design, Create

Hi there!

I became interested in User Experience while studying Cultural Anthropology at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. While at Smith, I was introduced to the concept of Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design. I found that I could combine two of my interests, discussing experiences with individuals and developing corresponding solutions. Henceforth, I began working in the field of user experience design and strategy. 

I've worked for Fortune 500 Companies at the agency level, for a variety of small business owners and I have experience researching and designing for a range of industries.

Alongside UX design, I am intrigued by urban landscape design, I drink an exorbitant amount of lattes and I love curling up and doodling away the day. I am currently trying to expand my cooking capacity beyond pasta and stir fry, while also trying to keep my local Pad Thai restaurant in business.

Fairview Mountain Summit: Alberta, Canada, Fall 2017
Fairview Mountain Summit: Alberta, Canada, Fall 2017