This is a Quick List of Some Projects I've Worked On. project redesigning the site's information architecture

Design Strategy provides users with information about all aspects of health insurance in the United States. By restructuring their website for a user with no knowledge about health insurance allows more individuals to access this information.

Strategies Used: Heuristic Analysis, Tree Testing, Card Sorting, Competitive Audit, User Interviewing, Guerrilla Testing, Stakeholder Interviewing, Usability Testing

Screenshot of excel spreadsheet

Site Architecture

The McMurray Hatchery is a company that sells eggs for different bird breeds and the necessary resources to raise them. This project was about the information architecture of the site and categorizing all the content to understand how to re-organize the site.


Strategies Used: Heuristic Analysis, Site Audit, Site Mapping

Mango Platform Homepage

Usability Evaluation

Mango Connects guides users through the process of making professional connections and preparing for job interviews. We reorganized their system's tools and main landing page to make it more intuitive. This makes it easier for users to navigate the site and use the tools the site offers.

Strategies Used: Heuristic Analysis, Usability Testing, Wireframing, Prototyping

The projects tool in the Aurelius app

Feature Development

Aurelius' users are constantly researching and reporting their findings to their clients. We developed a feature that simplifies the process of collaborating and sharing information to help users spend their time analyzing data, rather than creating reports.

Strategies Used: Rapid Prototyping, Competitive Audit, Journey Mapping, Feature Cards, Annotated Wireframes, Kano Analysis

Code Camp Prototyped Platforms

Multi-Point Strategy

This organization, originally named Abamath, is focused on leading programs to teach children how to code. We developed multiple types of platforms and strategies to make information about their programs easy to access and easy to find. This was to make their programming more well known across the metro area, and open to a broader range of children and their parents.

Strategies Used:  Competitive Audit, Journey Mapping, Design Strategy, Prototyping, Interactive Prototyping

Exit Oasis Homepage Prototype

Platform Development

The start-up company, Exit Oasis is working to provide small business owners with information about selling their businesses. We constructed this platform to display information in easily digestible and easy to navigate formats,  no matter what stage of the selling process they may be.

Strategies Used: Card Sorting, Competitive Audit, User Interviewing, Stakeholder Interviewing, Usability Testing, Prototyping, Wireframing, Site Mapping, Creating Personas, Journey Mapping

Ethnographic Research

To account for the closing of their main library, the creation of a study space locating application was invested in by the Smith College administrators. We discovered students did not find the application helpful or something they would use. However, the development of the application was already in process, so we recommended specific features to make it more likely to be used by students.

Minneapolis Institute of Art prototype app
Cushman and Wakefield Homescreen Prototype

Contextual Research

The four online tools Cushman and Wakefield provides users are often misunderstood or misinterpreted. We revised the information layout and language which allows users to feel more confident using these tools.

Strategies Used:  Cognitive Walkthrough, User research, Stakeholder Interviewing, Interactive Prototype, Contextual Evaluation

App Development

The Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) is an art museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota known for always being free to visit. To help teachers plan field trips to the museum we created a mobile app specifically for Mia.

Strategies Used:  Cognitive Walkthrough, User research, Stakeholder Interviewing, Interactive Prototype, Contextual Evaluation