Mobile Feature Rework

This project was completed by my team of three researchers and one designer for Citi Bank. We focused on understanding customer comfort levels in sharing confidential and nonconfidential personal identifying information (PII) with a chatbot, as well as the format in which they would want to share that information within the chat bot system.

Strategies Utilized: Competitive Audit, User Interviewing, Wireframing, High-Fidelity Prototyping, Concept Testing, Participant Pre-work

Mobile Chat Bot Screen Mockups


Participant Characteristics

We conducted in-depth interviews with participants in Dallas and New York City. These participants ranged in socioeconomic levels, age, ethnicity, and gender. More importantly, they ranged in their amount of experience using live chat/chatbot communication systems and ranged in what institution their primary credit card was with.

Usability Testing and Interviews

I created discussion guides and organized logistics regarding interviews around setting up these interviews. Our interviews began by discussing each participant's comfort and experience using digital tools and chatbot systems regarding any services or industries (i.e. healthcare, consumer goods). After discussing the sharing of personal information with these mobile systems, we requested feedback on specific, client-provided wireframe concepts.


After all interviews and synthesizing that information, I expanded upon the initial wireframes to articulate the issues and preferences of participants. My wireframes were discussed with our team designer who created a final mobile screen flow graphic to explain key ideas and needs.

Organized Chart of Participant Preferences
Final Deliverable of Chat Bot App Journey

Concluding Thoughts

This project was interesting because of the current growth of digital assistance tools and systems. I loved discussing the topic of digital chatbots and digital chat systems with participants and empathizing with each person’s opinions about their use. This is an important topic that will continue to be relevant and company awareness of it will grow as the digital trends of mobile banking, digital assistance tools, and AI tools are expanded.

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