Cushman and Wakefield Diagnose My Lease tools

Research Methods Used: Cognitive Walkthrough, User research, Stakeholder Interviewing, Interactive Prototype, Contextual Evaluation

Project Specifics

This project was for improving the Cushman and Wakefield tools that were created to help users in the process of purchasing a commercial real estate property.

As a team, we conducted usability tests with company executives and users to understand how and if such tools are helpful for the clients of Cushman and Wakefield. With our findings, we created interactive prototypes to conduct further testing in the future.

Tool to help users determine the market value of their current office
Tool to help users determine the market value of their current office

Contextual Inquiry

We led contextual inquiry with executives at the Cushman and Wakefield office in Minneapolis. This was to understand how the tools are used on the administrative side and later compare that with how the tools are used on the user-facing side.

Cognitive Walkthrough

The information from the client inquiries led us to conduct cognitive walkthroughs on the user side of the site. This involved comparing user mental models, visibility/hierarchy of the pages, consistency of the pages and lastly feedback from the completion of certain tasks.

Cognitive Walkthrough Interview


Our prototypes were focused on simplifying the functionality of the tools so they could be easier to understand. The users range in experience with this topic, so it is important to design for the least experienced, and the more experienced will also easily navigate. We created multiple iterations of wireframes until deciding upon a final low-fidelity prototype to create.



  • We clarified the meaning of the number given after using the My Rate tool.
  • We took the "My Space" tool and expanded the functionality and features it held.
  • We re-organized the home page to make choosing a tool from the options clearer.
Customer Facing Tool Homepage
Customer Facing Tool Homepage
Traditional office space area type selector
Traditional office space area type selector