UX Site Navigation Research

Healthinsurance.org is a company that educates its users about health insurance. It provides insurance information specific to each state for individuals searching for coverage at any point within the year. Initially, this project was to determine why their health plan finding tool dropped in use during the yearly Open enrollment period. However, the project expanded to focus on the overall site architecture.

The most valuable outcome of this project was helping the stakeholder understand the difference between the ideal user’s mindset and the company’s mindset. Once the user needs weres explained, I worked with the stakeholder and the site’s web developers to increase usability through information architecture and visual design.

Strategies Utilized: Heuristic Analysis, Tree Testing, Card Sorting, Competitive Audit, User Interviewing, Site Architecture, Wireframing, Interactive Prototyping, Guerrilla Testing, Stakeholder Interviewing, Usability Testing, Google Analytics


Heuristic Analysis:

I began this project with using Jakob Nielsen’s Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design to analyze the current site’s usability. This helped shift the project to direct user research because while the site contained lots of good information, I was interested in how that information came across to users.

Research Methods: Interviews, Card Sorts, Tree Tests, Analyzing Google Analytics

It was important to understand users’ views of health insurance, and then also their understanding of the current site navigation. I used a few research methods and tools to gather that insight – User Interviews, Digital and Physical Card Sorts and utilizing Google Analytics data.

My client was knowledgable with health insurance, but most of their site visitors are first time visitors and this site is about non-experienced visitors finding health insurance information. This site could be very overwhelming  – thus their direct viewpoint was essential.

I spoke with users from different socioeconomic levels, personal factors of family and job status as well as personal connection or aversion to speaking about health insurance.

Catalog of testing data
Card Sort Result
Google Analytics Data
Journey Mapping Outlining
Card Sort and Tree Testing notes

Creation of Personas and Journey Mapping

The main difference between users of this site are the specifics of their needs, wants and prior knowledge when looking for health insurance information. By creating Personas and Journey Maps, I  personified users, and re-defined this site’s target users to the main Stakeholder. By showing these examples, the Stakeholder was able to look at their site in a more critical manner.

Site Elements Re-Designed:

To help users navigate there were design element changes that I identified to help users visualize the flow of the site. The challenge with these changes was that the 2018 Open Enrollment period was approaching. I worked with the site’s developers to make reasonable and realistically attainable design changes.

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