Interacting with UCare Members


I wanted to speak with members from the time I started at UCare and so I did everything I could to interact with members in a variety of settings. My goal with these interactions was to create journey maps and personas to present to our internal team.

15 Medicare
Member Interviews

Medicare member persona types.

This research included 15 interviews with UCare Medicare members from UCareís specific Medicare Ambassador and Member Advisory Committee. These interviews were to understand our main population, Medicare members as individuals. This was not to get their perspective on UCare or its services.

I petitioned our Medicare communications team to get access and approval in speaking with members. I recruited participants by asking for volunteers through two UCare groups and coordinating in-person interviews to take place over a two-week time span.

I interviewed members about their history with healthcare, the changes they have seen over their lifetime and their views on the future of healthcare. From notes and vocal recordings, I was able to categorize the member types into four: passionate about care; Intrigued about the future; Community activist and Certain system savvy.

Value: When speaking about Medicare members, they are often classified as non-tech savvy, sitting at home with nothing to do, and personally needing lots of medical care. I wanted data to backup why these assumptions aren't realistic to better align UCare's marketing and strategize with these members.

Customer Service Calls

UCare is widely known across the state for its attentive and friendly customer service. Also, the call center is in Northeast Minneapolis (close to home) so that increases the member's comfort with the representative.

I listened in on 13 sessions, each was 1-hour long. These sessions ranged in topic, allowing me to understand the vast variety of reasons different members or providers call in about.

UCare CS Calls Visual

The main call type was regarding transportation: booking rides to appointments, or to pick up prescriptions. The calls ranged from easy and simple to sometimes frustration on both sides of the phone.

This is a unique service provided to UCare Medicare members, and listening into these calls was the most interesting part because it wasnít about help, but assistance. These thiings are actually very different, especially in the healthcare field.

Value: By hearing the tone of each caller  I could empathize with the members and understand the urgency, frustration or comfort of these calls. I was also able to understand the business of UCare, the heart of the company is truly in the customer service department.

Customer Service Rep and Member Transportation Journey

Journey Mapping of the whole health insurance experience

All of my interactions with members and the business side of UCare helped me create journey maps to explain the reasons behind and the emotions towards the health insurance/healthcare experience.

These are valuable mostly to the marketing and communications department and open up the mind to the various wheels that turn to get a member to purchase insurance and use it even throughout their issues or questions.

UCare Recreated Deliverables-2-05

One important part of healthcare membership is the reasons behind someone's decision to get specific insurance. In the mindset of UCare, these are main questions members think about or answer pre-enrollment. They seem basic, but how often did my team, or my company think about these in relation to individuals vs. business goals.

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