Journey Mapping for Various Departments

Strategies: Interviews, Competitive Auditing, Company Materials analysis, Attending in-field events (Medicare meetings and dental van for a day of appointments), observer in various settings. 

Transportation Customer Service Calls Mapping

Throughout my time at UCare I spoke with dozens of Customer Service representatives. I listened in on calls with different departments or areas of focus, who took from members regarding transportation, specific plan types, and a variety of questions or concerns. 

With the information I gathered I was able to create journey maps to explain the journey of a member and customer service representative regarding transportation – the most frequent type of call received. 

Customer Service Rep and Member Transportation Journey

General UCare Potential and Current Member Journey​

I did various types of field and general research to understand the reasons why people would become UCare members and the pathways taken throughout their journeys as members. 

This is a baseline excel spreadsheet outlining the beginning of the process which involves the awareness someone might have of UCare as an insurance option through how they receive information about their plan once enrolled. It is a document that continues throughout their membership.

This helped to communicate with the sales and communications teams the various contact points with members and empathize with member emotions through this journey. 

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