Research for User Completion of the On-boarding Process

Home screen to begin the process of on-boarding
Participant provided photos from pre-work journals and participant quotes from interviews

This project was done for Citi Bank by my team of four through an agency in Minnesota

The Citi team was looking for insights to drive the development of a post-login engagement experience that would guide newly registered customers through the completion of key onboarding initiatives. Also, we analyzed the benefit of nudging customers to complete these activities through this new flow versus dropping them into the dashboard and letting them figure it out on their own.The opening page message for the prototyped deliverables

Strategies Utilized: Competitive Audit, Participant Interviewing, Wireframing, High-Fidelity Prototyping, Concept Testing, Pre-work


Participant Characteristics:

We conducted in-depth interviews with participants in New York City and  in-depth phone interviews nationwide. These participants ranged in socioeconomic levels, age, ethnicity, and gender. More importantly, they ranged in Citi and competitor relationships with credit cards and banking as well as ranged in their experience interacting with their finances digitally.

Usability Testing:

These interviews involved understanding each participant’s mindset with their bank accounts and their experience with opening new accounts. Then, we had them walk through the current prototyped on-boarding screens, some which involved an A/B type comparison method. This helped us to understand the likelihood of their continuation through this onboarding process – based on their opinion of the page layout and function.

Wireframes and Prototypes

We discussed the issues participants had with their current system and explained usability heuristics behind their page designs versus our new page mockups. Our main deliverable was a revision of the wireframe concepts and process flow from what we tested with participants.

Two of the final prototyped pages to make participants more likely to complete the on-boarding process.

Concluding Thoughts

This project helped me expand on my leadership skills regarding the logistical duties related to the interviews; interview schedules, guides, pre-work journals. As well as creative responsibilities on re-designing and re-organizing the final wireframe/prototyped screens.

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