Three Main Categories of Past Work


Conducted a range of usability tests for websites and apps in different stages of their development and design processes. These tests also ranged by being completed in-person and via the use of remote programs. Also, I created site structures and adjusted current site structures to simplify and specify navigation for users. Click on each image below for each project's specifics.

Continual usability of an onboarding process
In-facility usability research about a new platform
The use of a personal information requesting system


Conducted qualitative research including interviewing participants, assisting in interview backend preparation and post-study presentations. This involved creating discussion guides for interview moderating, managing the recruitment and logistics of coordinating participants, as well as empathizing with user needs and expectations. Click on each image below for each project's specifics.

Smith College ethnographic research of staff and students
Identifying the investment journey participants take
Understanding users to explain healthcare

Wireframes, Prototypes, System Structure

Designed and created a variety of takeaways and deliverables highlighting ideal designed layouts or information structures for users. These range from Sketches and Wireframes, Journey Maps, User Personas, High-fidelity Prototypes of Websites and Mobile apps, Site architecture via site navigation and development and PowerPoint presentations explaining research findings. Click on each image below for each project's specifics.

Classification and map of site architecture
New platform's high-fidelity website prototype
Service blueprint for a new service's customer experience

Want more information?

I'd love to chat with you personally about my experience within the field of design, research, and strategy. I have a range of experience that directly relates to the user experience field which cannot be fully represented on this website. Please feel free to message me directly through this form or check out my digital resume of company experience via my LinkedIn profile. Thanks!