Specific Examples of My Work

Current Project: Development of Member and Provider Portals

Currently I am working as a UX researcher at UCare, a health insurance company based in Northeast Minneapolis. This work has consisted of strategizing how business objectives work alongside the user's needs in crafting their new Member and Provider online portals. The work I have been doing is research, via interviews, usability testing, competitive audits, and design in the form of personas, page mockups and layouts.

Competitive Analysis of Specialty Filters
Competitive Analysis of Specialty Filters

Usability Studies and Interviews

My team conducted usability studies for two individual types of member portals in different stages of their development and design processes. These studies were similar with interviewing members both in-person and remotely. My main contribution, and highlight from these studies, was analyzing the information to redesign portal page layouts and a user friendly site-process flow.

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Continual usability of an onboarding process
The use of a personal information requesting system

Research and Analysis of Findings

One type of research I love to do is, for example, gathering the details of a website's content compared to their competitor. It is simple and yet can be helpful in almost all scenarios. Besides content audits, most of my experience focuses on qualitative research.

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Understanding users to explain healthcare
Identifying the investment journey
Smith College Library Research

Wireframes, Personas and Prototypes

After all the research, what ends up being most rewarding is the final deliverable; personas, wireframes, prototypes, or journey maps. I am a visual learner so in order to explain my findings to others I know that a visual representation is required. (The images below link to their own case study pages).

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New platform's high-fidelity website prototype
Classification and map of site architecture
for a new service's customer experience
Damaged order service blueprint (Not a link)

Want more information?

I'd love to chat with you personally about my experience within the field of design, research, and strategy. I have a range of experience that directly relates to the user experience field which cannot be fully represented on this website. Please feel free to message me directly through this form or check out my digital resume of company experience via my LinkedIn profile. Thanks!