Specific Examples of My Work

Interacting with UCare Members

I conducted interviews and listened in on customer service calls to create member personas and member journey maps. This research was to examine how members use our services ≠ó if information is currently or can be uploaded online. This research also helped classify our members beyond their age range.

strategies/methods: competitive analysis, journey mapping, persona creation, in-field observations, organizing logistics and moderating interviews

Medicare member persona types.
The UCare "Find a Doctor" tool

UCare's website search tool study

This project was focused on the usability of the "Find a doctor" tool found on the public website for UCare. I had 20 participants use the tool to understand it's functionality and identify improvements that need to be highest priority.

strategies/methods: competitive analysis, usability testing, journey mapping, interviewing,

Development of member & provider portals

These were the two main overarching products in development during my time at UCare. My role was advising on functionality and content of specific features and sections of the current and products in-development.

strategies/methods: competitive analysis,  UCare website audits, wire-framing, heuristic analysis, in-person site observations, internal company process interviewing

Screenshot of Excel Document's General Website Audit
journey part
The use of a personal information requesting system

Mobile chat bot tool rework

This project was focused on interviewing participants about sharing personal identifying information with a financial company's chat bot. Paper prototypes of current chat mock-ups were also discussed to understand how visual presentation of the chat influenced participants feelings of security.

strategies/methods: competitive analysis, user interviews, wireframe prototyping, concept testing

The investment journey for different types of people

This study was focused on understanding how this company's members go through the financial investment journey. This study consisted of 12 in-person interviews, 18 phone-interviews and three focus groups which helped to identify three main persona types.

strategies/methods: user interviews, concept testing, focus groups

Identifying the investment journey
Understanding users to explain healthcare

Healthinsurance.org site navigation rework

This study was focused on understanding how users navigate the healthinsurance.org website and in the process of various research methods, teaching the stakeholder about user experience including understanding the user's mindset.

strategies/methods: heuristic analysis, card sorting, tree-testing, user interviewing, design iterations

Analyzing the member on-boarding process

This study was focused on understanding how users interact with the on-boarding steps after creation of a bank account. We spoke with 13 people in-person and 11 people on phone interviews.

strategies/methods: user interviewing, design iterations, competitive audit, high fidelity wireframing

Continual usability of an onboarding process
New platform's high-fidelity website prototype

Exit Oasis platform creation and content presentation

This project was to help create a website, and identify how to provide information for users of different experience levels. This was for a man beginning a new business venture so he was starting from baseline.

strategies/methods: user interviewing, competitive audit, high-fidelity wireframing, stakeholder interviewing, prototyping, usability testing

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