Hello, I’m Bailey!

Designer and UX Researcher based in Northeast Minneapolis. 

Experience working in-house and at the agency level focusing on healthcare and finance, as well as smaller consumer focused businesses.

Passionate about design and film festivals or movies in general. I’m always drawing something or brainstorming my next trip (or dreaming about them these days, thanks covid).

Research of User Response to
Mobile Chat Bot Features

Interviews were conducted with participants about the security of chat bots, their use of chat bots, and information specifically given to or from chat bots (comfortability is often based upon appearance within the bot). 

Final outcome: As part of the research team, I worked alongside an in-house designer to create digital bot screen mock-ups to display things like forms and bot response messages based on the interview feedback.

Usability research of the
website search tool

A usability study followed by a survey were conducted for the “Find a Doctor” search tool found on UCare’s public facing website. 

From this research I identified three main user types. These were used to create a journey map of the process, with pain points highlighted as main focus. I presented this information and visualizations to stakeholders to encourage regular user research.

BSA Gingerbread
House Design Competition

The 2 images to the left are a sketch & physical construction of my gingerbread house for 2020 Annual BSA (Boston Society of Architecture) Gingerbread House Competition. My submission raised the most money for the association in 2020.

UX Site Navigation Research

Research involving heuristic analysis, tree-testing, participant interviewing (regarding both subject matter and website usability). 

Final outcome: Restructuring of site navigation menu which made the site easier to navigate for non-subject matter experts (98% of site users).

Research survey and visual results about paninis and grilled sandwiches.

A project brought about by a debate for what constitutes a panini versus a grilled sandwich.

Click through for full poll findings.

Research for User Completion of
the On-boarding Process

Interviews were conducted that also utilized paper prototypes of the current desktop on-boarding screens being used by Citi bank.

From these interviews, I was a researcher and I worked with the in-house designer to reconfigure the screens and verbiage to make users motivated to finish all of the steps of the on-boarding process in that first sitting, not returning to it later. 

A design for a
Masked Up 2020 Minnesota State Fair

As a Minnesota Fair enthusiast, the cancelation of the 2020 fair left me quite sad, but understanding. 

Originally, I thought the fair would look like this – a mask filled fair. Unfortunately, the fair was canceled outright for 2020.

Let’s connect and grab coffee!  Send me a LinkedIn message or email me directly.

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