Hi there!

My name is Bailey Smith-Dewey and I became interested in User Experience while studying Cultural Anthropology at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. While at Smith, I was introduced to the concept of Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design. I found that I could combine two of my interests, discussing experiences with individuals and developing corresponding solutions. Henceforth, I began working in the field of user experience design and strategy.

I've worked for Fortune 500 Companies at the agency level, for a variety of small business owners and I have experience researching and designing for a range of industries.

Alongside UX design, I am intrigued by urban landscape design, I drink an exorbitant amount of lattes and I love curling up and doodling away the day. I am currently trying to expand my cooking capacity beyond pasta and stir fry, while also trying to keep my local Pad Thai restaurant in business.

Fairview Mountain Summit: Alberta, Canada, Fall 2017
Me, my team of fellow UX designers and our Post-it note wall of information

Three Main Categories of Work


After learning about Jakob Nielson's Heuristic Principles for the first time, I became overtly aware of usability issues across both digital and physical spaces. Since then, I've conducted usability tests across different platforms so that systems work well according to actual users, as well as according to heuristic standards.


My background in ethnographic research encouraged me to continue doing qualitative, as well as some quantitative research. This has included arranging logistics for interviewing alongside the physical act of interviewing participants and facilitating focus group discussions.

Wireframes, Prototypes, Site Structure

As a visual learner, I love to turn ideas and words into visual concepts and sketch out wireframes. Alongside site mock-ups, I've mapped out user journeys, user specifics and re-arranged sites for better system organization.