Hi, I'm Bailey. I'm a designer, researcher, and strategist. I love romantic-comedies and independent films, exploring to find unique coffee shops and I am the happiest when I am creating. 

Main Roles I've Held Include :

Conducted usability tests for websites and apps in different stages of their development and design processes.

Developed site structures and adjusted current site structures to simplify and specify navigation for users.

Designed a variety of takeaways and deliverables for clients. These Include:

  • Sketches and Wireframes
  • Journey Maps
  • User Personas
  • Prototypes of Websites and Mobile apps
  • Site architecture via site navigation and development
  • PowerPoint presentations explaining research findings

Created discussion guides for moderators and the research team, as well as interview prework for participants to complete before their interview.

Empathized with user needs and expectations.

Worked alongside developers to understand the capabilities of their work and learned how my work could best help them.

Collaborated with teams of researchers and designers on a set timeline and budget.

Managed the recruitment of participants for interviews and focus groups.

Continued to (and will continue to) enhance my professional and technical skills while on the job.