My name is Bailey and I am a UX Researcher from Minnesota. I've worked with Fortune 500 companies, small independent companies and alongside other UX professionals. I'd love to work with you too!

My favorite description of UX: You go to open a door with a "C" curved handle. Do you push or pull the door to get it to open?

This is a standard usability issue, because many times the design gives you wrong usability signals.  You have to try both ways before getting the door open. My work is researching and designing to make sure that isn't an issue, making things easy to use. This example was written about by Don Norman in his book "The Design of Everyday Things".


Past Work Examples

Why UX?

I began as an anthropology major in college and worked on an archaeological dig where I liked the research component, but missed the human interaction.

I come from a creative family, so doing different types of research while being able to influence design is also a major motivator for this profession. I want to use my creativity and have my work go further than a file cabinet, to be impactful visually or process-wise.

What research?

My favorite research methods are direct user interviews and usability testing because they are literally person-to-person methods. I know those methods aren't always possible or needed, so as long as I am able to do research that helps me understand a user's point of view, I am set to do my work.

For example: Maybe the business is providing the info users want, but users can't find the information. By analyzing Google Analytics of a site I'm seeing how users interact, move about and leave the site.

What value?

I love good design (who doesn't?) so being able to create good designs that function well and continually function well with updates is why I am invested in this field of research.

Products and businesses are always making changes. UX research is something that can influence those changes and analyze those changes so they align with user needs, wants or values. By continually investing in this type of research you can make smart investments and innovate with confidence.

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